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Unknown names, catalogue names, nomen nudum, nomen prov. etc.

If you recognize any taxon or if you know further information about the names listed below, please, send me an e-mail to the following address escobaria@atlas.cz .

Contributions to individual taxa sent please to the following e-mail address escobaria@atlas.cz .


Acharagma ? - Potrero Grande (only in German)

Escobaria albispina (only in German)
Escobaria dasyphrisa (only in German)
Escobaria pokei (only in German)
Escobaria spec. aff. runyonii ? (Collection - Martin Krpata) (only in German)
Escobaria spec. Alamos de Pena (only in German)
Escobaria spec. - Barber Crossing (Guadalupe Mts.)
Escobaria spec. CC 1824 (see Other discussions)
Escobaria spec. from Cedros, Zacatecas, Mexico (see Other discussions)
Escobaria spec. Cowper 833
Escobaria spec. El Alicante (= vivipara ?)
Escobaria spec. Jimenez and spec. Nazareno - two forms of Esc. strobiliformis ? (only in German)
Escobaria spec. Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
Escobaria spec. San Juan de Boquillas (between Cuatro Cien and Monclova)
Escobaria spec. Escobaria spec. South of Shafter in the Chinati Mountains
Escobaria spec. Potrero Chico (only in German)
Escobaria theriaca
Escobaria tuberculosa var. polonica (only in German)
Escobaria vivipara (var. neomexicana SB 52) ? (only in German)
Escobaria vivipara var. ? (North Rim, Coconino Co., AZ, USA)
Escobaria weberbaueriana

Escobaria - ID 01
Escobaria - Acharagma spec. (Monterrey, NL) (only in German)
Neobesseya castetterii (only in German)
A plant bought as Coryphantha acunensis

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