What is a taxon Escobaria strobiliformis (Scheer) Boed. subsp. sisperai Halda et Sladkovsky ?

Jan Mynar (CZ)


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December 6, 2009
Jan Mynář - e-mail: escobaria@atlas.cz

In April and May a plant marked CH 507 (origin of the plant - J. Chvastek) flowered for me. I would like to write a few remarks.

Escobaria spec. CH 507

On the basis of the flowers I have to disagree with the classification to the taxon E. zilziana. The flower and the colour of the filaments contradict the description of this taxon. According to the description, the flower is funnel-shaped, yellow to olive-coloured, sometimes yellowish olive-green or slightly pink, 15-25 mm long, 20-30 mm wide, flowers grow from the youngest apical axils; petals whitish, light yellow to olive-brown with the lighter and more ciliate margin and with a dark central stripe of the same shade; stamen white, anthers light yellow; style green and with 5-6 cream-coloured or emerald-green stigmas.
In contrast to this description, the flowers of CH 507 are yellow-brown with a reddish to brownish stripe; stamen reddish; anthers yellow; style greenish. The flowers thus rather correspond to plants from the E. emskoetteriana complex.

It would be interesting to compare the fruits. E. zilziana has light to dark red, elongated club-shaped fruits. The plants from the E. emskoetteriana complex have dark red to purple-red, sometimes purple-coloured, spherical flowers. Unfortunately this year only one plant has flowered for me, so I have to wait for the fruits. If anyone knows the fruits of CH 507, please write to me.

I enclose photos of the fruits of E. zilziana and E. runyonii for comparison.

Esc. zilziana - fruits

Esc. runyonii - fruits


June 25, 2008
Jaromír Chvastek - e-mail: escobaria@atlas.cz

I am sending the photo of the seedlings of the plants CH 507. Unfortunately I do not know the imported plant, but I have always recognised it as Esc. zilziana, resp. var. fricii.

Escobaria zilziana CH 507

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June 20, 2008
Jan Mynář - e-mail: escobaria@atlas.cz

Irgendwelche Kataloge bieten die Pflanzen Escobaria strobiliformis subsp. sisperai CH 507 an. Haben Sie jemand diese Pflanze? Ist sie identisch mit der Abbildung in AMR 2002 ? Some catalogues offer the plants Escobaria strobiliformis subsp. sisperai CH 507. Does anyone have this plant? Is it identical to the illustration in AMR 2002 ?


June 15, 2008
Vladislav Šedivý - e-mail: vladsedivy@centrum.cz

I agree with you. The photo in AMR 2002 reminds me of E. zilziana. I attach the photos of the herbarium material from PR (Pruhonice, CZ). The quality is terrible, but it corresponds to the terrible description. If anyone doesn't realise, these are just the dried remains of the flowers. Nothing more!

PR 11597 (holotype)
PR 11597 - detail

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June 15, 2008
Jan Mynář - e-mail: escobaria@atlas.cz

The author's collective of J. J. Halda published in 2000 a new description of the taxon Escobaria strobiliformis (Scheer) Boedeker subsp. sisperai J. J. Halda et J. Sladkovsky, Acta Musei Richnoviensis, Sect. natur. 7(1): 35. 2000. This description has been specified by some other data in 2000.

At the outset I must say that I have not seen any plant material and have only worked with the illustration from the publication Acta Musei Richnoviensis 9(1), fig. 24. 2002. Based on this illustration, I believe that this plant does not belong to the Esc. tuberculosa complex. The flower of this taxon is very different from Esc. tuberculosa, especially by the greenish colour of the stigma branches and the pinkish filaments. The colour of the stigma branches of Esc. tuberculosa is white to pinkish white and the filaments are cream-coloured (see figures Esc311 and Esc1530). According to these designations, this taxon sisperai of Halda should belong to the section Neobesseya, probably to the species complex Esc. zilziana (see Figs. Esc311 and Esc1196). The type locality from Nuevo León, Mexico also corresponds to the taxon Esc. zilziana, which occurs here (e.g. SB 603 or L 1191). Because I know nothing about seeds and fruits, I can make a definite decision and everything is still to be verified. Unfortunately in the description of Halda there is no mention of seeds or fruits, except "The seeds are the same as the nominal subspecies". But possible brown-coloured seeds must not immediately indicate that this taxon is related to Esc. tuberculosa.

Therefore I would like to ask for your help. If you have this plant or e.g. the other photo, please write in this discussion. The photo or the information about seeds and fruits are particularly welcome.

Esc. tuberculosa
(archive: Jan Mynar)

Esc. strobiliformis subsp. sisperai
(Acta Musei Richnoviensis 9(1), fig. 24. 2002)

Esc. zilziana SB 602
(www - Georges, alias Gargamel)
Esc. zilziana SB 603
(photo and collection of Jürgen Hofmann)


Halda J. J., Sadkovský J. (2000): Acta Musei Richnoviensis, Sect. natur., 7(1): 35.
Halda J. J. et all. (2002): Acta Musei Richnoviensis, Sect. natur., 9(1): 17-18.


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