Jan Riha died

Info 018 - 18.10.2022

† Jan Riha

On September 26, 2022, our friend Jan Říha, a member of Club Escobaria, died at the age of 75. The cactus legend of Czechoslovak cactus farming has passed away, but I dare to say the world one as well. He was the author of many articles on cacti, succulents, tillandsias and orchids. From the point of view of the plants that we deal with on these pages, he was the author of several new classifications of them, and he also contributed to the rediscovery of the locality of the taxon Escobaria cubensis. Although he has been reclusive lately, he has always been an active participant in our discussions about the Escobars. I am sorry that they will not enrich them further.
Honor his memory.

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Jan Říha  
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