Online Publication: Fritz Hochstätter - Escobaria Britton & Rose (Cactaceae), 2016

Info 011 - February 15, 2020
Jiri Stembera has pointed out to Fritz Hochstätter's online publication dealing with the Escobaria genus. The genus Escobaria has been divided into two sections only: Escobaria and Neobesseya. E. chihuahuensis is included here in the Escobaria section. The number of described taxa is also different. F. Hochstätter states that there are altogether 34 taxa, including 5 new combinations.
A list of the enlisted taxa can be found below.

  Escobaria abdita Repka & Vasko
Escobaria albicolumnaria Hester
Escobaria alversonii (Coulter) Taylor
Escobaria chihuahuensis Britton & Rose ssp. chihuahuensis
Escobaria chihuahuensis ssp. henricksonii (Glass & Foster) Taylor
Escobaria cubensis (Hester) Hunt
Escobaria dasyacantha (Engelmann) Britton & Rose ssp. dasyacantha
Escobaria dasyacantha ssp. chaffeyi (Britton & Rose) Taylor
Escobaria deserti (Engelmann) Buxbaum
Escobaria duncanii (Hester) Backeberg
Escobaria emskoetteriana (Quehl) Borg
Escobaria guadalupensis Brack & Heil
Escobaria hesteri (Wright) Buxbaum
Escobaria laredoi (Glass & Foster) Taylor
Escobaria lloydii Britton & Rose
Escobaria minima (Baird) Hunt
Escobaria missouriensis (Sweet) Hunt ssp. missouriensis
Escobaria missouriensis ssp. asperispina (Boedeker) Taylor
Escobaria missouriensis ssp. marstonii (Hunt) Hochstätter Comb. et stat. nov.
Escobaria missouriensis ssp. navajoensis Hochstätter
Escobaria organensis (Zimmerman) Castetter et al.
Escobaria orcuttii Boedeker ssp. orcuttii
Escobaria orcuttii ssp. koenigii (Castetter et al.) Hochstätter Comb. et stat. nov.
Escobaria orcuttii ssp. macraxina (Castetter et al.) Hochstätter Comb. et stat. nov.
Escobaria robbinsorum (Earle) Hunt
Escobaria sandbergii Castetter et al.
Escobaria sneedii Britton & Rose ssp. sneedii
Escobaria sneedii ssp. leei (Rose ex Boedeker) Hunt
Escobaria tuberculosa (Engelmann) Britton & Rose
Escobaria villardii (Zimmerman) Castetter et al.
Escobaria vivipara (Nuttall) Buxbaum ssp. vivipara
Escobaria vivipara ssp. kaibabensis (Taylor) Hochstätter Comb. et stat. nov.
Escobaria vivipara ssp. rosea (Hunt) Hochstätter Comb. et stat. nov.
Escobaria zilziana (Boedeker) Backeberg

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