New Combination: Acharagma galeanense (Haugg) J. Lodé, 2017

Info 010 - January 9, 2020
In 2017 Joël Lodé published a new combination in his magazine CACTUS-AVENTURES International, No. 1-2017. He converted the taxon Acharagma roseanum subsp. galeanense to the taxon Acharagma galeanense (Haugg) J. Lodé 2017 comb. et stat. nov.

In the article "TAXONOMIE: New Combinations, etc." he adds:

Basionym: Escobaria roseana ssp. galeanensis Haugg in Kak. u. a. Sukk. 46(3): 76. 1995.
Type: Mexico, Nuevo León, near Galeana, 1978, Haugg 3134 (MEXU, holotype, WU, isotype).
Synonyms: Acharagma roseanum subsp. galeanense, Escobaria roseana subsp. galeanensis.
Etymology: near Galeana, in Nuevo León, Mexico.
Notes: according to Zsolt Elhart (2011), this subspecies does not belong to roseanum and should be more related to A. huasteca, an opinino which I share: in fact, seeds look very similar.

See also

Acharagma galeanense (Haugg) J. Lodé,    2017

Acharagma galeanense (Haugg) J. Lodé, in CACTUS-AVENTURES Internationa, N°1-2017: 33, 2017.

Note from Jan Mynar: In my opinion it is fairly correct to keep the original division as an Acharagma roseanum subsp. galeanense taxon. I therefore leave this recording on the pages of Genus Escobaria etc.
On the contrary, I think Taxa A. huasteca should be classified as a subspecies of A. aguirreanum.




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