Roots of Escobaria chihuahuensis subsp. henricksonii

Hans Havel (A)


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December 13, 2022
Hans Havel - e-mail: hahavel@aon.at

At the site of E. chihuahuensis subsp. chihuahuensis, I found a plant that someone had dug up. The photo shows a root tuber. I haven't actually read anywhere that henricksonii makes such huge tubers. Does anyone have any additional information?


December 17, 2022
Jan Mynáø - e-mail: escobaria@atlas.cz

I searched the old literature and only found the following. However, the size is not specified anywhere.

1) Glass, C. et Foster, R. A. (1977): Escobaria henricksonii, a new Species from the Chihuahuan Desert, Cactus & Succulent Journal (US), 49: 195-196.

"Plant with long, slender, branched, tuberous root …"

2) Šedivý, V. (1978): Escobaria henricksonii Glass et Foster - nový druh Chihuahuašské pouštì, Aztekia 1(2): 17.

"… roots long, knotty branched …"

3) Taylor, N. P. (1983): Die Arten der Gattung Escobaria Britton & Rose, Kakt. und and. Sukk., 34(55): 123.

E. henricksonii - "… , with tuberous roots."

4) Bravo-Hollis, H. et Sánchez-Mejorada, H. (1991): Las Cactáceas de México. Volume II, p. 374. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México.

"Raíz tuberosa, larga, delgada, ramificada." = "Tuberous root, long, thin, branched."

5) Mays, H. (1993): Coryphantha henricksonii (Gl. & F.) Gl. & F., The Journal of the Mammillaria Society, 33 : 6-7.

"… The roots are tuberous and large."

6) Glass, C. E. (1998): Guía para la identificacion de cactáceas amenazadas de México / Identification Guide to Threatened Cacti of Mexico, Vol. I, México, CANTE, ES/HE.

Escobaria henriksonii
"Plant … slender tuberous root ...

There's no close relation with which this taxon can be compared with its tuberous root, slender, columnar stems ..."

7) Anderson, E. F. (2001): The Cactus Family, Portland, Oregon, p.308.

Escobaria chihuahuensis - "Roots tuberous."

At the same time, I am attaching a photo of the plant E. chihuahuensis subsp. chihuahuensis with roots from my collection.


December 18, 2022
Jaroslav Snicer - e-mail: cult.tricka@seznam.cz

henricksonii has massive tuberous roots, this is evident even in culture (even more so in nature). Chihuahuensis too, but I would say a bit smaller. With it, we can talk about swollen roots, with henricksonii it is really a tuber.

Translation:   Jan Mynar

December 20, 2022
Vladislav Sedivy - e-mail: vladsedivy@centrum.cz

the attached photo confirms Jarda's conclusions. A pot with a diameter of 10 cm was not enough for the roots of this plant.
cheers Sedivy

Translation:   Jan Mynar

Rudolf Moulis - e-mail: Rmoulis@email.cz

Hello, I am sending the photo of henricksonii SB 1016. I am growing the plant in the brick dust. Seeding in 2006. Plant pot 5,5 cm.

Rudolf Moulis



Contributions to this topic send please to the following e-mail address escobaria@atlas.cz .

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