Cactus viviparus     Nuttal in Pursh    , Flora Americae Septentrionalis, 2: 735, 1814; see also Fraser's Catalogue of New and Interesting Plants Collected in Upper Louisiana 22, 1813


Cactus viviparus

Cactus viviparus - C. subrotundus multiplex, tuberculis cylindraceis barbatis supra sulca exaratis proliferus.
C. viriparus. Fraser. catal. 1813.
In Upper Louisiana. . v. v. s . fl. in Hort. Lambert.
Resembles C. mammillaris; the flowers are large and red; the fruit the size of a grape, green and eatable. In the same collection are also the two other species mentioned in Fraser's Catalogue; but only seeing the plants without flowers, I could not define their characters.

Also see:

Nuttal, T. (1818): The Genera of North American Plants, 1: 295, D. Heartt, Philadelphia



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