Mammillaria notesteinii     Britton n. sp., Bull. Torrey Bot. Club, 18: 350, 367, 1891

Bull. Torrey Bot. Club, 18(11): 350, 1891
Proceedings of the Club,

The regular meeting was held on Tuesday evening, October 14th, the President in the chair, and twenty-six persons present. Dr. Rusby, chairman of the Instruction Committee, read an exhaustive report of the season's work. In all, fifty-two students were enrolled, and the work accomplished was most satisfactory.
Many reports were given by the members of their observations during the summer. The supposed biennial blooming of Habenaria ciliaris was again discussed, but the question could not be decided from the observations made.
Dr. Morong reported that he and Mr. Rudkin had been investigating the fresh water flowering plants, and that a list of forty-seven species had been noted.
Dr. Rusby exhibited an apple, one side of which showed all the markings of the Tompkins King and the other those of a twenty-ounce apple.
Dr. Britton exhibited from Montana a cactus hitherto unknown to that region, and apparently an undescribed species» probably allied to a prairie species of Mamillaria. The spines are slender, flexible and minutely barbed. For the plant, Dr. Britton suggests the name of Mamillaria Noteslcini in honor of the discoverer.



Bull. Torrey Bot. Club, 18(12): 367, 1891
Mamillaria Notesteinii, n. sp.

Stems oval, simple or caespitose, about 3 cm. in diameter. Tubercles nearly terete and about 6 mm. high ; spines 12-18, white, becoming gray with age, weak and slender, 8-12 mm. long, spreading, pubescent throughout. Usually each tubercle bears a central spine which is longer and stouter than the others, and is frequently tipped with pink ; flowers 15-25 mm. in diameter, ash-gray, tinged and penciled with a delicate pink. Petals broadly linear-oblong, mucronate tipped ; fruit obovoid ; seeds black, globose, pitted.

Found in gravelly soil, near a small creek, in the vicinity of Deer Lodge, Montana, by Prof. F. N. Notestein, June 4th, 1891.



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