Mammillaria vivipara     (Nutt.) Haworth, Suppl. Pl. Succ., 72. 1819.


MAMMILLARIA. - Cactus, Linn. sp. pl.

9. Mammillaria vivipara, Haworth

M. (Viviparous) subrotunda multiplex tuberculis cylindraceis barbatis supra sulco exaratis proliferis.
Cactus viviparus. Pursh. americ. 2. 785.

Habitat in Louisiana Superiore.
Introd. 1813 a D. Frazer.

Flores magni rubri. Fructus magnitudine fructus vitis viniferae, viridis edulis. Pursh. l. c. - Nuttall's gen. n. amer. p. 295.

Obs. Spinae plerumque niveae, at 1-3 in singulo fasciculo majores quam ceteris, atro-purpureae.
Obs. 2 Mr. Nuttall (p. 295.) says this plant, and another, which he (perhaps wrongly) supposes the same as the West Indian Cactus mammillaris of authors, inhabit the summits of gravelly hills near the Missouri, probably to the mountains, and that the flowers of viviparus. from June to August are large, bright red, and almost similar to those of C. flagelliformis.




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