Gray, A.: Plantae Lindheimerianea, Part II. An Account of a Collection of Plants made by F. Lindheimer in the Western part of Texas, in the Years 1845-6, and 1847-8, with Critical Remarks, Descriptions of new Species, &c., Boston Journal of Natural History, 6(2): 141-240. 1850.

Mammillaria Nuttallii, Englm. in PL Fendl., from the Upper Missouri; the only specimen I possessed was unfortunately destroyed. — Mammillaria similis, Engelm. in Plant, Lindh. l. c., first discovered by Mr. Lindheimer near the Brazos, has since been found by him south of the Guadaloupe, about New Braunfels and on the Pierdenales in several forms. It has frequently flowered with me and annually produces abundant fruit. I substitute the following character and description.

M. similis: subsimplex s. plerumque csespitosa ; tuberculis ovato-cylindraceis supra plus minus sulcatis (sulco in junioribus basin versus tomentoso saepe prolifero) axilla tomentosis; areola albo-tomentosa demum nuda; aculeis 10-12 rectis albidis, radiantibus tenuioribus sequalibus, centrali nullo s. singulo robustiori; floribus ex axillis tuberculorum hornotinorum subcentralibus s. demum lateralibus (flavis s. ex rubello flavicantibus); sepalis petalisque lineari-lanceolatis acuminatoaristatis; sepalis 15-25 ciliato-fimbriatis saepe plus minus recurvis; petahs 20-30 integris s. basi subciliatis; stigmatibus 5-8 virescentibus supra stamina numerosissima exsertis; bacca obovato-subglobosa coccinea; seminibus nigris subglobosis scrobiculatis majoribus.


Mammillaria similis     Engelmann et Gray     var. caespitosa     Engelmann in A. Gray, Boston Journal of Natural History, 6(2): 200. 1850.


a. Mammillaria similis var. caespitosa

Gracilior; aculeis radiantibus sub-12, centrali subnullo; sepalis 15-20; stigmatibus sub-5.


Mammillaria similis     Engelmann et Gray     var. robustior     Engelmann in A. Gray, Boston Journal of Natural History, 6(2): 200. 1850.


b. Mammillaria similis var. robustior

Subsimplex; aculeis radiantibus sub-10, centrali robustiori; sepalis 20-25 ; petalis 25-30; stigmatibus 7-8. Flowers (at St. Louis) in May. — Stems 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 inches high, obovate, of smaller diameter; tubercles in a. 8, in b. often in 13 rows; spines 3-4, in b. 4-8 lines long; central spine, when present, 6 lines long. Grooves proliferous towards the upper or the lower end. Flowers 1 1/2 - 2 inches long, and of the same diameter when fully open, radiating like stars with their pale yellow, silky lustre, giving this species a most beautiful appearance when several open on the same morning: petals 12-15 lines long and 2 lines wide. Berries 3-5 lines in diameter.




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