Mammillaria similis     Engelmann et A. Gray, Boston Journal of Natural History, 5(2): 246. 1845.

Engelmann, G. and Gray, A.: Plantae Lindheimerianae; An Enumeration of the Plants Collected in Texas, and Distributed to Subscriberes, by F. Lindheimer, with Remarks, and Descriptions of new Species, &.c., Boston Journal of Natural History, 5(2): 210-264. 1845.


Mammillaria similis (n. sp.)

Caespitosa; axillis tuberculorum juniorum paulo tomentosis demum glabris; tuberculis ovatis supra leviter sulcatis (sulco basin versus subtomentoso) apice spiniferis; spinis (circ. 12) aequalibus rectis radiantibus albidis, junioribus puberulis basique tomento circumdatis; baccis sparsis globosis coccineis. - Sandstone rocks, near Industry. Evidently near M. simplex, at least to Nuttall's plant of that name, but caespitose, forming tufts often a foot in diameter. Flowers not seen. Berries scarlet, of the size of a large pea. Seeds numerous, subglobose, scrobiculate, black, with an elongated white hilum. I have living plants, but they have not yet flowered.




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