Mammillaria deserti     Engelmann in W. H. Brewer et S. Watson, Botany of California, 2: 449. 1880.


5. M. deserti, Engelm. Mss.

Subglobose or oval, simple, with subcylindric deeply grooved tubercles; spines 25 to 30, straight, acicular, grayish white, the larger with reddish tips, 5 to 8 lines long; 3 or 4 of the inner spines stouter but shorter, and above these 5 or 6 intermediate ones; flowers about an inch long and wide; sepals 20 to 25 in several rows, narrowly lanceolate, aristate, fimbriate; petals about 20 nearly in a single series, narrowly lanceolate, acuminate, somewhat fimbriate at base, light straw-color turning to purplish at the tips; stigmas 5 or 6, spreading; fruit oval, green, juicy, with obliquely obovate curved brownish pitted seeds.

At Ivanpah, (1) 30 miles northeast of San Bernardino, in one of the mountain ranges stretching into the desert, S. B. Parish. Heads 2 to 4 inches high, and 2 to 21 inches thick; tubercles about half an inch long. This and M. Arizonica belong to the M. vivipara group, and may eventually have to be united with it.




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