Coryphantha radiosa     (Engelmann) P. A. Rydberg, Flora of the Rocky Mountain, 581, 1064. 1917.

Spines all straight; tubercles grooved; flowers borne at the base of young tubercles, hence nearly terminal.

  Flowers purple; central spines several; berry green, ellipsoid.
    Stems usually simple, ellipsoid or oblong; central spines 4-12, rarely 3.


5. C. radiosa (Engelm.) Rydb.

Stems mostly simple, ellipsoid or cylindric, 5-12 cm. high and 5 cm. thick; tubercles 8-12 mm. long; central spines 4-12, tawny or purplish, 8-12 mm. long, the upper the longer, the lowest small and porrect; radial spines 20-30, white, 6-8 mm. long; flowers 3.5-5 cm. long, dark purple; seeds 2 mm. long. M. radiosa Engelm. Cactus radiosus Coulter.
Plains: Kans. — s Utah — Sonora — Tex.     Son.




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