Botanical Garden of Holguin (Cuba)

Holguin, Cuba

the greenhouse; photo Hans Havel 01/2007     the outside exhibition; photo Hans Havel 01/2007

The botanical garden of Holguin is situated on the street to Mirador de Mayabe. The cacti are located in the greenhouse and in the outside exhibition of approx 50 m2. The so-called greenhouse, rather the shieldhouse, contains few plants out of condition. The plant pot with three plants of Escobaria cubensis and some plants of the genus Melocactus without cephalium do not represent a majority of the plants of Cuba.

Melocactus matanzanus; photo Hans Havel 01/2007     Melocactus holguinensis; photo Hans Havel 01/2007

Mammillaria prolifera; photo Hans Havel 01/2007     the outside exhibition - Peireskia cubensis; photo Hans Havel 01/2007

(text and photo by Hans Havel; editing by Jan Myn)

The list of grown plants of genus Escobaria
Up-date - 01/2007

Escobaria cubensis

No. the species stated in the botanical garden generally accepted name of the species
1 Escobaria cubensis Escobaria cubensis (3x)




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