New classification of the genus Escobaria (with Acharagma and Ortegocactus) by David Hunt, Nigel Taylor and Graham Charles.

The Genus Acharagma

Diagnosis of the genus: vide Description of Genus

Species and subspecies:
Acharagma aguirreanus (Glass et Foster) Glass, 1997
Synonym:      Gymnocactus aguirreanum   Glass et Foster,   1972
Thelocactus aguirreanus   (Glass et Foster) Bravo,   1980
Escobaria aguirreana   (Glass et Foster) N.P.Taylor,   1983
Acharagma roseanum subsp. roseanum (Boedeker) E.F.Anderson, 1999
Synonym:      Echinocactus roseanus   Boedeker,   1928
Thelocactus roseanus   (Boed.) W.T.Marshall,   1941
Escobaria roseana   (Boed.) Buxbaum,   1951
Gymnocactus roseanus   (Boed.) Glass et Foster,   1970
Acharagma roseanum subsp. galeanense (Haugg) Hunt, 2002
Synonym:      Escobaria roseana subsp. galeanensis   Haugg,   1995

The Genus Escobaria


Escobaria section Escobaria
Diagnosis: Flowers apical; stigma pink, violet or nearly white; seed brown, testa deeply pitted.

Species and subspecies:
Escobaria alversonii (J.M.Coulter) N.P.Taylor, 1997
Synonym:      Cactus radiosus var. alversonii   J.M.Coulter,   1894
Coryphantha alversonii   (J.M.Coulter) Orcutt,   1926
Escobaria hesteri (Y.Wright) Buxbaum, 1951
Synonym:      Coryphantha hesteri   Y.Wright,   1932
Comment:      The dwarf sister-species of Esc. vivipara /Taylor/.
Escobaria laredoi (Glass et Foster) N.P.Taylor, 1979
Synonym:      Coryphantha laredoi   Glass et Foster,   1978
Escobaria rigida   Backeberg,   1961 (nomen invalidum)
Comment:      A disjunct, Mexican member of the Esc. sneedii (Esc. orcuttii) complex (Taylor).
Escobaria sneedii subsp. sneedii Britton et Rose, 1923
Synonym:      Coryphantha sneedii   (Britton et Rose) A.Berger,   1929
Mammillaria leei   Rose,   1924
Escobaria leei   [Rose ex] Boedeker,   1933
Escobaria sneedii subsp. leei   (Boedeker) D.R.Hunt,   1997
Escobaria sneedii subsp. orcuttii (Bödeker) J.M.Lüthy, 1999
Synonym:      Escobaria orcuttii Boed, 1933
Coryphantha orcuttii (Boed) Zimmerman, 1969
Escobaria albicolumnaria Hester, 1941
Coryphantha albicolumnaria (Hester) Zimmerman, 1972
Escobaria guadalupensis S.Brack et K.D.Heil, 1986
Coryphantha organensis D.A.Zimmerman, 1972
Escobaria organensis (D.A.Zimmerman) Castetter P.Pierce et K.H.Schwerin, 1975
Escobaria sandbergii Castetter, P.Pierce et K.H.Schwerin, 1975
Escobaria villardii Castetter, P.Pierce et K.H.Schwerin, 1975
Escobaria tuberculosa (Engelmann) Britton et Rose, 1923
Synonym:      Mammillaria tuberculosa   Engelmann,   1856
Coryphantha (Escobaria) varicolor   Tiegel,   1932
Escobaria varicolor   (Tiegel) Backeberg,   1976
Coryphantha dasyacantha var. varicolor   (Tiegel) L.D.Benson,   1969
Escobaria dasyacantha var. varicolor   (Tiegel) D.R.Hunt,   1978
Escobaria tuberculosa subsp. varicolor   (Tiegel) Lüthy,   1999
Escobaria strobiliformis   (Poselger) Boed.,   1933; aucutt
Comment:      often wrongly as Esc. strobiliformis - name best abandoned; identification uncertain; see Esc. chihuahuensis too
Escobaria vivipara (Nuttall) Buxbaum, 1951
Synonym:      Cactus viviparus Nutt., 1813
Coryphantha vivipara (Nutt.) Britton et Brown, 1913
Coryphantha aggregata Britton et Rose, 1937    not Mammillaria aggregata Engelm.
Coryphantha arizonica (Engelm.) Britton et Rose, 1923
Coryphantha bisbeeana Orcutt, 1926
Escobaria bisbeeana (Orcutt) Borg, 1937
Escobaria vivipara var. bisbeeana (Orcutt) D.R.Hunt, 1978
Coryphantha chlorantha (Engelm.) Britton et Rose, 1923
Coryphantha columnaris Lahman, 1934
Mammillaria deserti Engelmann, 1880
Coryphantha deserti (Engelm.) Britton et Rose, 1923
Escobaria deserti (Engelmann) Buxbaum, 1951
Escobaria vivipara var. deserti (Engelmann) D.R.Hunt, 1978
Mammillaria vivipara subvar. neomexicana Engelmann, 1856
Escobaria neomexicana (Engelmann) Buxbaum, 1951
Escobaria vivipara var. neomexicana (Engelmann) D.R.Hunt, 1978
Escobaria vivipara var. radiosa (Engelmann) D.R.Hunt, 1978
Comment:      A very widespread and variable species, with several potential subspecies, e.g. Esc. deserti (Engelm.) Buxbaum.

Escobaria section Neobesseya (Br. et R.) N.P.Taylor, Kakt. und and. Skk., 34:138, 1983
basionym: Neobesseya Britton et Rose, 1923
subg. Neobesseya (Britton et Rose) John et Øíha, 1981
Diagnosis: Flower apical; outer petals ciliate; stigma green or yellow-green; seed usually black-brown, testa deeply pitted.

Species and subspecies:
Escobaria cubensis (Britton et Rose) D.R.Hunt, 1978
Synonym:      Coryphantha cubensis   Britton et Rose,   1912
Escobaria dasyacantha subsp. dasyacantha (Engelmann) Britton et Rose, 1923
Synonym:      Mammillaria dasyacantha   Engelmann,   1856
Coryphantha dasyacantha   (Engelmann) A.Berger,   1929
Escobaria dasyacantha subsp. chaffeyi (Britton et Rose) N.P.Taylor, 1998
Synonym:      Escobaria chaffeyi   Britton et Rose,   1923
(?) Escobaria duncanii (Hester) Buxbaum, 1960
Synonym:      Escobesseya duncanii   Hester,   1945
Coryphantha duncanii   (Hester) Benson,   1969
Comment:      Escobaria dasyacantha (?)
Escobaria emskoetteriana (Quehl) Borg, 1937
Synonym:      Mammillaria emskoetteriana   Quehl,   1910
Coryphantha emskoetteriana   (Quehl) A.Berger,   1929
Escobaria bella   Britton et Rose,   1923
Escobaria runyonii   Britton et Rose,   1923
Coryphantha muehlbaueriana   Boed.,   1929
Escobaria muehlbaueriana   (Boed.) F.M.Knuth,   1935
(?) Escobaria lloydii Britton et Rose, 1923
Comment:      Said by Britton et Rose to be close to Esc. tuberculosa, but the description suggests it might be an older name for Esc. zilziana.
Escobaria minima (Baird) D.R.Hunt, 1978
Synonym:      Coryphantha minima   Baird,   1931
Coryphantha nellieae   Croizat,   1934
Escobaria nellieae   (Croizat) Backeberg,   1961
Escobaria missouriensis subsp. missouriensis (Sweet) D.R.Hunt, 1978
Synonym:      Mammillaria missouriensis   Sweet,   1830   (equivalent name - Cactus mammillaris Nutt. 1818)
Coryphantha missouriensis   (Sweet) Britton et Rose,   1913
Neobesseya missouriensis   (Sweet) Britton et Rose,   1923
Mammillaria similis   Engelmann,   1845
Neobesseya similis   (Engelmann) Britton et Rose,   1923
Mammillaria notesteinii   Britton,   1891
Neobesseya notesteinii   (Britton) Britton et Rose,   1923
Mammillaria wissmannii   Hildmann,   1898
Neobesseya wissmannii   (Hildmann) Britton et Rose,   1923
Neobesseya rosiflora   Lahman ex G.Turner,   1937
Escobaria missouriensis subsp. navajoensis   Hochstätter,   1996
Escobaria missouriensis subsp. asperispina (Boed.) Taylor, 1998
Synonym:      Coryphantha asperispina   Boed.,   1929
Neobesseya asperispina   (Boed.) Boed. ex Backeb. et F.M.Knuth,   1935
Escobaria asperispina   (Boed.) Hunt,   1978
Escobaria robbinsorum (W.H.Earle) D.R.Hunt, 1978
Synonym:      Cochiseia robbinsorum   W.H.Earle,   1976
Coryphantha robbinsorum   (W.H.Earle) A.D.Zimmerman,   1978
Escobaria zilziana (Boedeker) Backeberg, 1961
Synonym:      Coryphantha zilziana   Boedeker,   1930
Escobaria zilziana subsp. fricii   Halda Sladkovsky,   2000

Escobaria section Pleurantha N.P.Taylor sec. nov., Kakt. und and. Sukk.,34:82,1983
Synonym: subg. Protomammillaria John et Riha, 1981
Diagnosis: Flower lateral or from shoulder; petals ciliate, stigma white or cream; seed brown, testa shallowly pitted.

Species and subspecies:
Escobaria chihuahuensis subsp. chihuahuensis Britton et Rose, 1923
Synonym:      Coryphantha chihuahuensis   (Britt. et Rose) A.Berger,   1929
  Escobaria strobiliformis   (Poselger) Boedeker,   1933
  Echinocactus strobiliformis   Poselger,   1853
    = outlawed name Mammillaria strobiliformis   Scheer ex Salm-Dyck,   1850    not Mammillaria strobiliformis Muehl. 1848    nor Mammillaria strobiliformis Engelm. 1848
Comment:      According to A.Zimmerman (PhD thesis, 1985, ined.), the correct name of this species would be Esc. strobiliformis (Poselger) Boed. Since, however, that name has hitherto been consistently applied (or, rather, misapplied) to the species here called Esc. tuberculosa, it is not used here, and should be rejected under ICBN Art. 69.
Escobaria chihuahuensis subsp. henricksonii (Glass et Foster) N.P.Taylor, 1998
Synonym:      Escobaria henricksonii   Glass et Foster,   1977
  Coryphantha henricksonii   (Glass et Foster) Glass et Foster,   1979

The Genus Ortegocactus

Diagnosis of the genus: vide Description of Genus

Ortegocactus macdougallii Alexander, 1961
Synonym:      Neobesseya macdougallii   (Alexander) Kladiwa,   1974



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