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Cactus Study (Google Groups)

We discuss the cultivation, ecology, evolution, taxonomy, and other topics concerning cacti. We share experiences, photos, and even videos. We also discuss non-cactus succulents and semi-succulents, but cacti are the main focus. Many members grow from seed and/or have a greenhouse.

Language:   English

Cacti & Other Succulents Discussion (Yahoo Groups)

A friendly discussion group for cactus and succulent plant enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome regardless of skill/knowledge level: share your experience, and benefit from that of other growers! Discussions cover a wide variety of topics, from "What is my plant?" to "How do I grow my plant?" and on in great detail from there! You can share photos of your plants with us by email attachment or in albums in the Photos/Files sections, search archived Messages and, of course, communicate with people from all over the world. We are friendly, tolerant and patient with other members here, like all good friends, and we expect the same!

Language:   English

Kakteen & Sukkulentenforum

Cacti and succulents i-phorum by Markus Spaniol.

Language:   German

"Cacti and Succulents" Conference (

All about the cacti and succulents growing.

Language:   Czech



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