Minimum temperatures - frost resistance

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Minimum temperatures - the xls document file
Minimum temperatures - Taxa of the Genera
Acharagma, Escobaria, Ortegocactus

(the xls document file - 63 kB)

up-dating: November 19, 2006
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Literature - the hardy Escobarias (cacti) - up-dating: December 17, 2006

November 22, 2006
Hans Havel - e-mail: hahavel@aon.at

The interesting article (only in German):

Lutz E. (2001): Escobaria orcuttii - Frosthaertetest bestanden, Mtbl. AfM, 25(3) : ?

October 22, 2006
Hans Havel - e-mail: hahavel@aon.at

During the past winter I did - for the first time - experiments with the Escobaria plants and I overwintered the further-mentioned plants outside under the cover against rain:

The lowermost temperatures in 2 days -16C, min. 20 days -10 to -12C.

5x   Esc. orcuttii, young seeding without stated site
6x   Esc. vivipara v. vivipara (or arizonica?), Escalante, Utah
2x   Esc. sneedii ssp. leei, Carlsbad Cavern, NM
1x   Esc. vivipara v. kaibabensis (young seedings are not probably species unalloyed)

There were no losses, all of them were flowering, one of the Esc. orcuttii is weaker (sick) but still alive.

Hans Havel

October 19, 2006
Jan Myn - e-mail: escobaria@atlas.cz

Dear friends,

I would like to start a debate about frost resistance of the Taxa of Genera Acharagma, Escobaria and Ortegocactus. Above, you can find an Excel table with the basic list of the Taxa enlisted with minimum temperatures I found in the available literature.

I would like to ask all concerned persons to write their experiences to the following e-mail escobaria@atlas.cz . I will update this table gradually and I will send it to the disputants.

Contributions to this topic send please to the following e-mail address escobaria@atlas.cz .

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